Walk into 2019 like a Boss

This Collection has become a favorite by many because of its bold black linework placed on fun stylish garments and accessories creating edgy designs to wear around town!  

Boss Lady was my original concept and I was in process of making several samples to exhibit when my oldest son came in and gave me his 2 cents.   I highly value my sons opinion because he has a great eye for detail and gives me great ideas all of the time.   He is a fashion major in college right now and plans to pursue his own fashion career some day.

So back to his comments on my original Boss Lady killing all of my excitement which I had for finally getting it right.  If anyone knows me then they know that I am all about the detail and pay a lot of attention to every curve, swirl, movement, etc.  So it takes awhile to get all of those details to my satisfaction. 

He says it sucked, point blank all in my face.  He explained to me that Boss Lady was weak, it was regular and had no attitude.  He thought that if I wanted to make a strong statement it had to be BOSS BITCH or nothing.  So after much thought and about 4 more hours I designed what is now known as the Boss Bitch or Boss B (social media friendly) Collection!

I know the word Bitch can be very condescending to some and can sound very to women but NO that is not my intention at all.  On the contrary BOSS BITCH is intended to represent a strong, empowered and confident leader taking control of her life and aware of her capabilities.  She not only believes in herself but believes in those around her.

BOSS BITCH absolutely is a leader who knows her strengths and isn't afraid to embrace them. She is determined to pursue her goals and fearless when going after her dreams!

My Boss B (edited to eliminate profanity for social media) designs are bold black graphics places intentionally on garments for a funky, trendy style ready for you to rock any occasion!